12 Photographers Who Took Their Job Too Seriously

Here are 12 Photographers Who Took Their Job Too Seriously. We often heard, photography is an art and a passion but it also could be a struggle. Everytime it is not easy to have a perfect click; a camera person has to climb trees to capture hopping animals, fly to hold birds in a camera and live under water to click a shoal of adorable fish. To get their photography done, they dont see the way, but keep eyes straight on the object.

Some clever people noticed these phtographers having funny postures and shared their photos on the Internet, a few of them are compiled here for you. Have a look.

1. This is how it should be.


2. But here it’s a team work.


3. Either he is so fearless or must be insane.


4. Baby frog must be angry.


5. To add some special effect in the picture.


6. Eagerly wanted to capture every single moment of wedding.


7. Struggling photographer.


8. Is it the ball or cameraman’s head she is going to hit.


9. He didn’t want to be photographed.


10. The photographer must be accused for breaking this precious pot.


11. Competing for the better picture.


12. Hope he is safe.

photographers-who-took-their-job-too-seriously-11 Source: wittyfeed

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