7 Years Old Boy Is Turning Into A ‘Human Tree’ Due To Rare Medical Condition

7 Years Old Boy Is Turning Into A ‘Human Tree’ Due To Rare Medical Condition. Ripon Sarker is suffering from an extremely rare condition that makes his hands and feet like they are turning into trees. The 7 years old boy suffers from ‘Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis’, a rare condition in which scaly warts cover the body and the patient’s body looks like a wooden tree.

ripon sarker

Ripon Sarker, who basically belongs to Thakurgaon, Bangladesh was admitted to the hospital for the first time this month only since his family couldn’t afford the expensive skin treatment.

The tree-like features are extremely painful for the poor lad since he cannot walk or eat properly. But the doctors are hopeful the treatment will be in their favor, and poor Ripon will be able to live his life like a common child.

Ripon Sarker was admitted to the Dhaka Medical Collge Hospital on 20 August 2016.

But Ripon isn’t the first person from Bangladesh to suffer from ‘Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis’. Abul Bajandar ages 26 went under the knife in March to treat the extremely rare growths.

abul bajandar

During the procedure, doctors operated on his right hand to eliminate some of the smaller warts.

The medics estimated the growths removed weighed at least 11 pounds.

They also suggested Abul would need at least 15 further operations in the course of one year.

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