7 Animals Humans Once Believed Existed Will Crack You Up

Humans have an excellent time imagining things. From fur-bearing trout to a giant horned rabbit, people have a lot of imaginary animals. Today, we’ll talk about 7 Animals Humans Once Believed Existed But Actually they don’t exist ever.

#1 Unicorn

Animals Humans Once Believed

The majestic unicorn makes an appearance in the Bible (Numbers 24:8), medieval text, and a number of other places throughout history but unfortunately, unicorns never existed despite numerous accounts.

#2 Bonnacon

Animals Humans Once Believed

This mystical creature was said to have the mane of a horse, body of a bull, and would use its poop as a weapon. This fictitious creature was once said to shoot acidic feces over 600 meters towards enemies.

#3 Vegetable Lamb

Animals Humans Once Believed

This special lamb was said to be grown like a plant. It’s rather difficult to believe people once believed this story.

#4 Aspidochelone

Animals Humans Once Believed

The Aspidochelone was said to be so large that its back looked like an island. Of course, a sea creature of this size has never been found with an island on its back.

#5 Jackalope

Animals Humans Once Believed

Jackalopes might be the most believable of all the mythical creatures appearing on this list. But unfortunately, the Jackalope only exists within our hearts and minds.

#6 De Loys’ Ape

Animals Humans Once Believed

Swiss explorer Fran├žois De Loys’ was only seeking attention withthis gigantic ape and it was quickly dismissed as a hoax along with the picture he used to prove its existence.

#7 Dragons

Animals Humans Once Believed

Sorry to break your heat if you are a ‘Game of Thrones’ fan. But dragons do not actually exist. Although these appeared in the lore of dozens of cultures throughout the centuries. Luckily for humanity, dragons are only a figment of our imagination.

These are our 7 Animals Humans Once Believed Existed, If you know more? Comment below and tell us also.

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