Boyfriend Runs Away After His Girlfriend Catches The Bride’s Bouquet

In case you’ve never been to a wedding, let us tell you on one rather obsolete tradition- the bouquet throwing.

The bride will remain solitary and chuck her flowers as the visitors and bridesmaids remain behind her attempting to catch it.

It’s a good indication of things to seek the lucky lady. In any case, conceivably not for her partner (who may have no goal of getting married). See the sample below :

Yes, this is a hilarious moment when a man does a runner after seeing his girlfriend catch a bride’s wedding bouquet.

The male guest was caught on camera running for his life after realizing he might be next to get hitched.

In the footage, he can be seen legging it moments after newly-weds Chelsea and Matt Best tied the knot in Kettering, Northants., on Saturday.

In line with tradition, Chelsea flings the flowers into the crowd towards a group of women who all have their eyes on the prize.

The women can be seen barging each other out of the way to try and get hold of the bouquet before it’s caught by Rachel Besley, who is wearing an orange gown.

Clearly overjoyed, Rachel jumps for joy until her boyfriend, Daniel Gilbert, decides to run for the hills.

As indicated by the MailOnline, online life clients remarked on the viral video saying their partners would respond especially the same.

Source: Dailymail

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