Food Model Wearing Large Tentacles For Octopus Modeling

Food Model Wearing Large Tentacles For Octopus Modeling. Namada is a Japanese food model who posed for a series of pictures with a giant octopus. A new and different type of modeling known as octopus modeling has grabbed the attention of internet. Namada is also posing for this new modeling octopus modeling.


Octopus modeling is carried out by many food models and bloggers because of their craze for this unique creature. The strange photos were clicked by the photographer Kazan Yamamoto.

Namada posed with a 39-pound live octopus happily. The giant octopus was wrapped all over her body during photoshoot.


Photographer Kazan Yamamoto said that they faced several challenges during the shoot.

He stated, “Because it was alive, it would move around, and because it was slippery, it was really hard to grab ahold of. It was really hard to think of the composition while shooting photos.”


You know what happened at the end of photoshoot? At the end they ate the poor octopus. This is the bitter reality of octopus modeling.

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