This Shop Is Offering A Free Girlfriend With Soup

This Shop Is Offering A Free Girlfriend With Soup. A shop in Japan Provides fake Girlfriends With Delicious Soup to Guys. It’s true that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and especially for Japanese guys, curry goes straight to their stomach.

Free Girlfriend With Soup

Lonely bachelors in Japan now no longer have to eat curry or drink soup alone. A novelty store from Village Vanguard now offers their customers a tasty instant Japanese curry meal along with a DVD of a sexy female model. But this model ain’t an ordinary one. She will act as the purchaser’s girlfriend while they have a curry.

You can order fake girlfriend of famous japanese model Mao Harada who’s also known by her nickname Haradan while enjoying your soup or curry.

Because our daily life and busy schedule doesn’t allow us to cook on a regular basis, many the of bachelors dependent on microwave products can cook this packet of noodles fast, along with some chit-chat with a beautiful damsel by the side.

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