Top 10 Jaw-Dropping Selfies Of All Time

We’ve come a long way since the world’s first selfie which dates back to 1839. An American pioneer photographer Robert Cornelius produced a daguerreotype of himself, which is known as the first selfie of a human. That was a simple selfie and was not a one among Jaw-Dropping Selfies we see daily now days everywhere.

Now days we’ve become a little too selfie-obsessed. We’ll let you be the judge after taking a look at people capturing themselves at their very best, and, unfortunately, their very worst.

Take a look at the Top 10 Jaw-Dropping Selfies Of All Time.

#1 The Redeemer.

Jaw-Dropping Selfies

A hike up to the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro isn’t complete without a selfie taken from his giant arm.

#2 Don’t Look Down In Dubai.

Jaw-Dropping Selfies

These 2 Russian tourists found their way to the top of this 1,300-foot tower in the heart of Dubai. And how can they miss the selfie at this amazing view.

#3 No Safety.

Jaw-Dropping Selfies

Frenchman Alain Robert pulls a Spider-Man on the Habana Libre hotel without using a safety harness. Always use a safety harness while working at this height.

#4 Hello Bear.

Jaw-Dropping Selfies

We don’t think anyone told her that bears aren’t as friendly as they looks on TV. It looks like bear is just searching for a pic-a-nic basket.

#5 Mad At The Twister.

Jaw-Dropping Selfies

Australian Terry Tufferson seems to have had enough of tornadoes. That’s the face you make right before saying, “Hold my camera and watch this.”

#6 I Am Hot Inside.

Jaw-Dropping Selfies

Trying to take full advantage of the polar ice caps before they melt. Looks he is hot from inside. May be single.

#7 Feeding Frenzy.

Jaw-Dropping Selfies

OMG someone please tell him that sharks are NOT vegetarians and they are looking hungry as well.

#8 Spinal Tapped.

Jaw-Dropping Selfies

Even if you destroy your spine from paragliding you should always find the time to take a selfie to remember the moment.

#9 Rockets Away.

Jaw-Dropping Selfies

This Danish air force pilot decided to take a one of its kind selfie right after launching his missile. Flying a fighter jet is about as daredevil as it gets.

#10 Average Joe V. The Volcano.

Jaw-Dropping Selfies

No, he is not a fire fighter and this is not an ordinary fire. This is an Australian named Nik Halik who took his breathing apparatus off for a moment to enjoy the sites and smells of this volcano.

Images via The Sun

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