Just 163 Years Ago This Was A Disgusting Reality

This advertisement pamphlet which was circulating on social media is so shockingly horrible to read. It really hammers home how dehumanizing the whole thing was at that time. The words used for slaves are bucks, wenches and picaninnies NOT men, women and children.

This is the advertisement pamphlet of Great Sale of Slaves which reads January 10, 1855. Lewis County, Kentucky.

The 23 slaves are advertised on this poster which belonged to a Kentucky planter, John Carter, who decided to sell them.

With the westward extension of slavery, planters in older states such as Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina found they could make up for declining profits by selling slaves to newer areas of cultivation, such as Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas.

The internal slave trade destroyed families and brought misery to both individuals and the larger communities in which they lived. Between a fifth and a third of all slave marriages were broken through sale or forced migration, and the expansion of slavery meant that relatives forced to relocate were more likely to end up hundreds of miles away from their families.

Here is the reproduction of a broadside printed on January 10, 1855 advertising the “Great Sale of Slaves” at Cheapside Slave Market in Lexington, Kentucky by John Carter of Carter Plantation at Quick’s Run, Lewis County, Kentucky.

Part of John Winston Coleman Jr. collection on slavery in Kentucky

Great Sale of Slaves
Source: John Winston Coleman, Slavery Times in Kentucky (1940).

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