Komodo Dragon Preserve: Rare And Largest Lizard In The World

Komodo Dragon is the world’s largest living lizard. This is a meat-eating monster which can be up to 12 feet (3.6 m) long, weighing 300 pounds (136 kg). The first visitors to Komodo Island probably were terrified by these prehistoric-looking beasts. There are very few of them left in the world and the scientist are trying to get Komodo Dragon Preserve.

Komodo Dragon Preserve

The Komodo dragon is thought to be the source of Chinese legends of great scaly man-eating monsters, the dragons that are still featured prominently in Chinese folklore and religion.

Komodo dragons are meat eaters and will devour any animal they are capable of dismembering and gulping down. Although they are for the most part scavengers, they do capture live prey, including deer, pigs, birds, even young dragons.

Komodo Dragon Preserve

The current population of Komodo Dragon Preserve seems relatively stable at about 5,000 animals, yet scientists are concerned that only 350 of them are breeding females. The dragon’s limited distribution makes them highly susceptible to natural or human-caused events, such as storms, fire, or disease.

Komodo Dragon Preserve

The Komodo dragon are found only on Komodo island and its few smaller outlying islands north of Australia.

Komodo is one of the 17,508 islands that compose the Republic of Indonesia. The island is particularly notable as the habitat of the Komodo dragon, the largest lizard on Earth, which is named after the island. Komodo Island has a surface area of 390 square kilometres and a human population of over two thousand.

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