Melania Slaps Away Trump’s Hand In Israel Video Went Viral

President Donald Trump is on his first foreign trip now days and his family is also with him. After receiving royal welcome in Saudi Arabia and spending time in Saudi Arabia, President Trump and wife, Melania, reached Israel on Monday morning. There was an incident of Melania Slaps Away Trump’s Hand which was recorded on camera and went viral later.

Their arrival in Israel included a strange tarmac moment between the U.S. president Donald Trump and first lady Menalia Trump.

The president and first lady were greeted in Tel Aviv by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and wife, Sara, who walked side by side as they left the tarmac.

As President Trump and Melania moved along, the president reached for his wife’s hand but First Lady Melania Trump slaps away President Trump’s hand as he reaches to hold it while on tarmac in Israel.

The incident with the video was also reported by Niraj Warikoo of the Detroit Free Press notes via Twitter.

The arrival of couple in Tel Aviv after Riyadh, marks the second leg of their foreign journey to 5 nations. Here is the video of Melania Slaps Away Trump’s Hand In Israel which Went Viral.

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