15 Most Expensive Celebrity Transformations In Hollywood

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Demi Moore – $500,000

Demi Moore beats out her daughter, Rumer Willis, who is also on this list. Moore was a model before she became an actress. She went on to work as an actress and eventually became the highest-paid actress in the 1990s with her role in Striptease. After that, she had gone a few plastic surgeries such as facelifts, cheek augmentations, and laser treatments and spent a whopping $500,000 on all these surgeries.

Demi Moore Most Expensive Celebrity Transformations
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Cher – $750,000

The success of Cher was started in the 1970s with the hit I Got You, Babe. After that, Cher embraced her singing talents and the need to look young. Cher kept up with her good looks, but that didn’t happen without the help of Botox injections, eyelid alterations, rhinoplasties, and chest augmentations. She spent $750,000 on all these surgeries and procedures.

Cher Most Expensive Celebrity Transformations
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Michael Jackson – $1,000,000

The King of Pop had an obsession with cosmetic surgery and he had gone through these procedures throughout the decades. MJ claimed to have a skin condition called Vitiligo and he had many surgeries to make skin tone better. He spent a whopping $1 million on his surgeries.

Michael Jackson Most Expensive Celebrity Transformations
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