Viral Video Of Obama vs Trump Welcome In Saudi Arabia

A video went viral on the internet which shows the SHOCKING contrast between Obama’s chilly reception in Saudi Arabia vs. Trump’s royal welcome. There is a huge difference between Obama vs Trump Welcome In Saudi Arabia.

The video shows how In the middle east they respect power, straightforward negotiations, and business skills. 

As President Trump has all of those things, so he got a “royal welcome” in Saudi Arabia which is absolutely fit for a king.

People on social media commenting the reason behind this was that despite all his pandering, bowing and ass kissing, the Saudis knew Obama was nothing more than a community organizer with no private sector success propped up by foolish liberal voters.

That was the reason in middle east Obama didn’t get royal welcome like trump.

The contrast of both welcomes is truly amazing. Watch the video and check it yourself.

Video Youtube

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