Russia Plans Jurassic Park Style Cloning Facility To Revive Extinct Species

As indicated by The Siberian Times, researchers from Russia’s Northern-Eastern Federal University close by the South Korean SOOAM Biotech Research Foundation are opening an examination lab in the Siberian city of Yakutsk.

jurassic park in real life

The $5.9 million labs will be a “world class paleo-genetic logical center”.

Specialists say the center will point “to consider extinct creatures from living cells – and to restore native animals as the wooly mammoth, wooly rhinoceros, cave lion and types of long-gone horses”.

The cloning labs – some sunk somewhere down in the permafrost soil – will expand research about by Russian researchers who are as of now working closely with South Korean experts.

jurassic park russia

They’ve discovered DNA from the antiquated creatures saved in stays encased in a solidified soil – or permafrost – for countless years.

Dr. Lena Grigorieva – who drafted plans for the centre- stated:

There is no such special material anywhere else on the planet. We think about not just Pleistocene creatures, a different line is the investigation of the historical backdrop of the settlement of the North-East of Russia.

Russia jurassic park in real life

Northern ethnic groups have a one of a kind old genetic structure. Such investigations will help in the investigation of uncommon genetic ailments, their analysis, avoidance.

Around 80% of delicate tissue tests of wiped out creatures from the Pleistocene and Holocene have been uncovered here. However, restoring them is troublesome as DNA corrupts after some time.

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