3 Secrets For Long Life From A 100 Years Old Woman

Here are the 3 Secrets For Long Life From A 100 Years Old Woman. August 13th, 2015 was a big day for Joyce Cox. On that day she turned 100.

3 Secrets For Long Life From A 100 Years Old Woman

Her 100th birthday was held at her home. In the afternoon after the cake was cut, the champagne was sipped and a letter from the Queen was read, Grandma went back to her bedroom for a little rest.


Then she told us her three secrets to living a good life. But not just a good life. At 100 years old, it was also a long life.

The words of wisdom from Joyce Cox are something we can all learn from.

Secret No 1 “Eat plain food”

Her food philosophy was simple. Just eat real food. Her meals were always homemade and she never owned a microwave.

Grandma didn’t fall into any particular dietary group and never spoke of diets.

Secret No 2 “Wake up every day with a smile”

Grandma had gratitude for every day and even though some days were better than others, she saw each one as gift. Growing up during the Great Depression, widowed 48 years earlier, Grandma never remarried and understood just how precious life was and how easily it could be taken away.

Having survived bowel cancer many years earlier, there were ‘grey spots’ peppering her past – But still she saw the colour in every day.

Secret No 3 “Don’t go for fast women and slow racehorses”

Firstly, always have a sense of humour. On her hundredth birthday, Grandma was losing her sight and her hearing but nothing could take her mischievous sense of humour.

Secondly, never lose sight of your moral compass. Stay true to yourself and your values.

Joyce Cox’s 3 Secrets For Long Life are simple and honest. They were how she’d spent the greater part of her last 100 years. So follow these simple rules if you also want to live 100 years.

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