23 Sexiest Walmart Fails Ever

Walmart is the best place to buy pretty much anything you want and at a good price. It also attracts some rather interesting customers because of this. You probably thought stories of weird people walking the aisles of Walmart were just stories. But I have seen some interesting walmart fails and have seen some weird characters there myself.

Here are the sexiest and craziest Walmart fails you will ever see.

1. Sure why not

She wore the long hoodie for a reason, but completely abandoned it when she felt an itch on her lower back.

2. Maybe he should be shopping for more than just shoes?

Perhaps this is because of a missed laundry day that left him without any clean underwear of his own. Luckily his wife’s underwear fit just right.

3. Pineapple anyone?

If you’re going to go out grocery shopping, you might as well look your best right?

4. The proper way to cover your butt crack?

Is this the new way to avoid wandering eyes taking a look at you? I sincerely hope not.

5. I love a good Oreo once in awhile, but this is too far

If you really loved a certain type of food would you do this?

6. This Utah grandpa

Alright, Salt Lake City Utah you have my attention, but next time, don’t use this man to do your marketing.

7. Them boots

I wonder if those boots were meant for walking? If so, they should walk her to a fashion consultant she desperately needs.

8. Can you trump her outfit?

You probably could, but why would you want to? She makes America proud, doesn’t she?

9. I swear I’ve seen her before

Is it just me or does this person not strike an uncanny resemblance to Liam Kyle Sullivan in this video?

10. That’s one way to save money

It’s good to live on a budget so that you can afford to live and even have some fun on the side. This, however, takes budgeting too far.

11. This is why you should wash your patio furniture after you buy it

Much like anything, you can’t trust that it’s actually clean just because it’s “new” from the store.

12. I don’t know why people do this

While finding images for this article I encountered a lot of people flashing for the camera in Walmart. What kind of rush could it give you to let your freak flag fly in front of some discount Kraft Dinner?

13. I think she forgot something before she went shopping

I don’t find anything wrong with the dress, heck I’m no fashion specialist. However, it looks like she forgot to put her underwear on before she left the house.

14. It’s like a new form of camouflage

Not only is he wearing too much plaid, to begin with, it looks like he’s on the hunt for more.

15. Ladies? Are you listening?

Ladies, you decide, is he a keeper or a creeper?

16. This viral tweet

Kennedy’s Twitter @HelloKennedi blew up after she posted this photo showing the caped attire management wanted employees to wear. She was not big on it at first, but shortly after she posted she was met with an outpour of fans loving the capes. She has since changed how she feels about wearing the cape. Unfortunately, she has since removed that tweet, lucky the internet found it before she removed it.

17. No doubt

18. Never ever

19. *whistles*

20. Meet them both

21. Amazing

22. What is that!!?

23. Well…

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