Stuart From Jessie Then And Now Shocking Transformation

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Jessie is an American comedy television series that aired from September 30, 2011, to October 16, 2015, on Disney Channel. The series consists of the fourth season and 101 episodes. The series officially ended in 2015. In this post, we will show you the shocking transformation of Stuart from Jessie.

The character of Stuart Wooten was played by Josie Totah in the series. Totah played the character of recurring boy Stuart who was having a crush on series regular Zuri Ross. Totah was only 11 years old when she appeared as Stuart Wooten in the show.

Here are then and now photos of Stuart from Jessie. She with other characters in the show made our childhood fun and we enjoyed the show so much.

Stuart From Jessie 2013

Here is how she looked in the show back in 2013. She was not a regular cast of the series. She appeared regularly in the show and became so much famous from her role.

Stuart From Jessie Then And Now
Source: Disney

Stuart From Jessie 2019

This is how Josie Totah looks now. She is 17 now and going to 18 soon in a few months.

Josie Totah Now
Source: Instagram (Josie Totah)

Josie Totah 2019

In the following photo of her, you can see her in 2019. She regularly posts photos and updated on her Instagram and she is quite active on social media.

Josie Totah 2019
Source: Instagram (Josie Totah)

Stuart From Jessie Then And Now

Below is then and now photo of the famous boy from Jessie series. She has transformed from kid to full-grown adult now. Totah began her career playing male roles and publicly came out as transgender in August 2018. She also changed her first name to Josie at the same time.

Stuart From Jessie Then And Now
Source: Disney/ Instagram (Josie Totah)

Apart from her work on Television, she also appeared on the big screen and worked in Hollywood movies. Her movies include Time Toys, Other People, Handsome, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Magic Camp.

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