Student Strips Down In Front Of Class After Professor Questions Her Clothing

A student with the name of Letitia Chai from Cornell University, removed her clothes in front of her teachers and different students while she was giving her honor thesis presentation.

Student Strips Down In Front Of Class
Letitia Chai from Cornell University

This Ivy League student has said that she made such move to protest the harassment from an open professor, Rebekah Maggor.

Delving further into this story, we discovered that Letitia had her decision of dress addressed by the teacher.

Teacher Maggor had said that the shorts Letitia wore for her thesis presentation were far too short for a said official occasion.

Student Strips Down In Front Of Class

Letitia swung to Facebook to reveal to her story. Her Facebook post goes all things considered… “The primary thing that the teacher said to me was “is that truly what you would wear?”

“She, a white lady, proceeded with: ‘Your shorts are too short.’ The teacher continued to let me know, before my entire class, that I was welcoming the male look far from the substance of my presentation and onto my body.”

“She said I was creating an impression by wearing my outfit. I disclosed to her that I beyond any doubt as damnation wouldn’t change my announcement to make her or any other person feel more good.”

Coincidentally, Professor Maggor needed to shield herself through The Cornell Daily Sun saying… “I don’t advise my students what to wear, nor do I characterize for them what constitutes a suitable dress. I approach them to reflect for themselves and settle on their own choices.”

In the mean time, Letitia’s cohorts have said that the Professor could have made that inquiry betterly. In any case, they likewise said that they get what Professor Maggor was going for.

Student Strips Down In Front Of Class

They feel like she was endeavoring to make her (Letitia) comprehend that a few sorts of dresses aren’t fit for specific events.

Added to that, the students watched that the Professor over and again apologized for her announcements as she perceives the political issues that are appended to advising ladies what to wear and how to wear it.

Presently, since Letitia had posted this on Facebook, a great deal of online social media users have reacted, with some of them supporting her activities while some others have said that she didn’t need to take it that far.

Student Strips Down In Front Of Class

One of these Facebook clients remarked “What an infantile, self-serving dolt. Nobody needs to see her out of shape body… put something on, for the love of all that is pure and holy.”

While another ringed in saying “Social decline. Says a great deal in regards to your thoughts when you can’t get them crosswise over without turning to shabby strategies of looking for consideration.”

But then another attempted to guard the student saying “I am a genuine preservationist and this present lady’s point went 100% over such a large number of these idiot analysts head.”

The analyst proceeded with, “She was told by her calling her decision of shutting would detract from her point and significance. She stood up and proclaimed she is more than her dress, sex image, lady, and Asian. We are for the most part people. We are largely equivalent. On the off chance that that point of view is related the cleared out.. at that point Conservatives need to some spirit seeking. They will lose enormous in 2020.”

Another stated, “You go young lady! Done giving teachers a chance to do to us and say whatever they need. I am with you”.

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