5 Unbelievable And Useful Uses Of Coca Cola

5 Unbelievable And Useful Uses Of Coca Cola. Coca-Cola has so many uses. You can apply it on your hairs as well for many uses.

Uses Of Coca Cola

#1 Gum On Your Hair

If you or your child get some gum on her hair, dont worry just pour a can of Coke over the gum and let it soak. The gum will wash right out.

#2 Darn Those Grease Stains!

Grease stains are too hard to remove. Add a can of Coca-Cola to the detergent on your wash cycle. Run it as normal, and your clothes will emerge without the stain. If it’s a hard one, add coke directly to it, let it sit, then wash it.

#3 Goodbye Rust

If your tools are rusty you can put your rusty tools in a container and pour Coke over them and let it do it’s magic. They’ll be shiny again.

#4 Bad Hair Dye

Bad hair dye can happen often. If it happens don’t worry, Just fill a bucket full with Coca-Cola and soak your head in it for several minutes, or pour several cans on your hair. Bad highlights will even out. Don’t expect the dye to go away, though.

#5 Burnt Residue

Cleaning it the conventional way wears me out! Mix Coke, dish detergent, and hot water and pour it on the dish. Let it sit for a few minutes, it should come off really easy.

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