10 Best Ways To Tell If Someone Is Lying

You will know about 10 Best Ways To Tell If Someone Is Lying in this post. We all at the least have that one individual in our lives who’re large time liars. I’m no longer discussing those youngsters who mess around with their lovable lies.

Ways To Tell If Someone Is Lying

Ways To Tell If Someone Is Lying

I am as an alternative right here to inform you those hints to trap someone who’s telling a lie. Speaking approximately relationship lies, it happens from time to time that your associate becomes egocentric and attempt hiding things from you. At times, they without delay lie approximately certain matters regardless of knowing the fact that you may be hurt badly when you find out the fact. And sure, it will become difficult to spot the ones lies.

Nicely, spotting lies is not any extra a hectic component. As a recent study accomplished by way of dr. Lillian glass, a behavioral analyst and frame language expert who has worked with the fbi and wrote a book ‘the body language of liars’ shows that our instincts for judging liars are surely pretty strong however our aware thoughts once in a while fail us.

Here are 10 Best Ways To Tell If Someone Is Lying.

1. They repeat words or phrases

They repeatedly say the same words or phrases. This happens because they’re trying to convince you, and themselves too. The doctor says: “They’re trying to validate the lie in their mind.” For example, he or she may say: “I didn’t, I didn’t” over and over again.

The repetition is also a way to buy themselves time as they attempt to gather their thoughts.

2. Their breathing changes

When someone is lying to you, they may begin to breathe heavily, Glass says. “It’s a reflex action.” When their breathing changes, their shoulders will rise and their voice may get shallow, she adds. “In essence, they are out of breath because of their heart rate and blood flow change. Your body experiences these types of changes when you’re nervous and feeling tense when you lie.”

3. They change head position quickly

If you see someone suddenly make a head movement when you ask them a direct question, they may be lying to you about something. “The head will be retracted or jerked back, bowed down, or tilted to one side,” writes Glass. This will often happen right before the person is expected to respond to a question.

4. They give too much information

“When someone goes on & on and gives you too much information that is not requested and especially an excess of details. There is a very high probability that he or she is not telling you the truth,” writes Glass.

5. Their body language changes

If you are suspicious of what someone tells you, pay more attention to gestures rather than words. Liars tend to keep their hands hidden and they find it hard to sit up straight when telling a lie and often tap their feet nervously.

6. They stand very still

It’s common knowledge that people fidget when they get nervous, but Glass says that you should also watch out for people who are not moving at all.

7. Tapping their feet

Tapping feet tells you that the potential liar is uncomfortable and nervous. It also shows you that he or she wants to leave the situation; they want to walk away.

8. They cover their mouth

“A telltale sign of lying is that a person will automatically put their hands over their mouth when they don’t want to deal with an issue or answer a question,” says Glass.

9. It becomes difficult for them to speak

“If you ever watch the videotaped interrogation of a suspect who is guilty, you will often observe that it becomes more and more difficult for her to speak,” writes Glass. This occurs because the automatic nervous system decreases salivary flow during times of stress, which of course dries out the mucous membranes of the mouth.

10. They stare at you without blinking

When people lie, it’s common that they break eye contact, but the liar could go the extra mile to maintain eye contact in an attempt to control and manipulate you.


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