This Is Why Girls Don’t Have Pockets In Their Shirts Like Guys Do

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The pockets in men’s wear are part of the trend nowadays. There are pockets in each part of the dress like jeans, shirt, and pant. If man wear doesn’t have a pocket then it will be considered incomplete. Even guys use those pockets to keep their useful stuff.

But on the counterpart, we never saw girls using pockets in their shirts. Read till the end to know why girls don’t have pockets in their Shirts and why fashion brands don’t make pockets in girls wear.

Why Girls Don’t Have Pockets In Their Shirts
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Do you ever wonder why women never use pockets as men do? So, let’s understand the practical reason behind this trend.

Practically girls need more things than men and a pocket in their shirt is not enough to keep them. Whenever fashionistas attached pockets in women’s shirts those were fake pockets, just for show.

Guys don’t need too many things throughout the day. They don’t keep lots of things along, a wallet and a pen are all that they need.

Why Girls Don’t Have Pockets In Their Shirts

The Reason Why Girls Don’t Have Pockets In Their Shirts

If we think that why women never use pockets in their shirts, then the simple answer is that they always use a handbag to keep daily essentials along with them.

Why Girls Don’t Have Pockets In Their Shirts

Even if you ask a girl to drop her bag for one day, probably she won’t be satisfied. But guys don’t bother about such things, for them carrying a bag all day is not lesser than a tough task.

Guys tend to roam free handed. Where carrying a bag is a fashion statement for girls.

There is another factor called ‘comfort’. Yes, girls have accepted that they don’t feel comfortable to keep things in the front pocket of their shirts as it catches everybody’s attention and it leads to awkward situations for ladies.

But, fashioners never miss any chance to make it hot and comfortable as well. So, some of the designers do attach pockets in women’s shits to make it look different but women never use them as they are quite comfortable with their handbags.

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